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Massage Candles

Our Massage candles are made from the finest cosmetic grade ingredients; soy(naturally rich in Vitamin E), shea butter(has a high content of non-sponifiable fatty acid which gives it the ability to moisturize and retain the elasticity of the skin. Shea butter also helps to protect the skin against the damaging effects of the sun while repairing cellular degeneration), coconut oil(is excellent as a skin moisturizer and softener), and high quality skin safe fragrance oils and are completely dye free.

Use: Light candle. Allow a pool to form. Blow out candle and enjoy a warm moisturizing massage for hands and body. Always extinguish flame before using. See below for information on Massage candles and the difference in quality in our massage candles.

6 oz tin massage candle- $10.00

Select a Fragrance

11 oz Frosted Jar Massage Candle-$16.00

Select a Fragrance

What are massage candles? If you’ve not heard of them, you’re not alone.

Massage candles, also called body candles and Lotion candles serve several simultaneous functions. While they light a room, provide a wonderful ambiance, and emit subtle fragrance, massage candles also contain cosmetic ingredients that make them a superb body moisturizer and massage oil alternative.

Because of their ingredients, a true massage candle will melt at a very low temperature, usually at just 100 – 102 degrees. At slightly above body temperature, they are warm and not hot.

When shopping, how do you know if you’ve found a quality massage candle?

* Our candle labels list ingredients. Because lotion candles are intended for use on the body, they fall under FDA guidelines. Lotion candles should have all ingredients listed in order of prominence on the product label. If ingredients are not presented, the maker is not in compliance with the FDA.

* Our label list net weight and manufacturer information. As an FDA regulated product, the net weight must be included on packaging. The phone number and/or address of the manufacturer or private-labeled reseller must also be present.

* Our fragrance skin-safe. Not all fragrance is. Some traditional candle makers are now beginning to make lotion candles as well. If those candle-makers are not familiar with bath and body product requirements, they may be using fragrance oils not intended for body use. If you are buying from an independent candle-maker, be sure to ask about the fragrance they use. Fragrance that is not skin-safe can cause adverse reactions.

* Our fragrance is used in skin-safe amounts. Even if a fragrance is developed for safe body use, the amount of fragrance used in lotion candles is only a fraction of the amount used in a traditional scented candle. Using more can be toxic to the skin. Beware of anyone touting a lotion candle that is “highly scented” or that can “scent your whole room.” Such claims almost guarantee that there is too much fragrance used and that the candle is not skin-safe, even if the fragrance oil used is skin-safe by definition.

* Our the container make it easy to access the melted massage oil. Many traditional candle jars will make it difficult to get to the melted liquid for easy and convenient use. The container should be easy to dip into to access the melted lotion.

* Our a quality lotion candle does not feel waxy or leave a waxy residue. If it does, the candle is most likely made with traditional candle wax only. Our Massage candles feature safe ingredients that will provide your skin with the greatest benefits and are dye free. Many candles marketed as massage candles contain only soy wax, not additional cosmetic ingredients.

If you haven’t tried a lotion candle yet, you’re in for a treat. Our candle is made using high quality ingredients. Just light it and pamper yourself or a partner with the rich, warm lotion. Enjoy!